Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So I think they can dance

Caleb and Carissa LOVE dancing to 'Farmer Tad' in the kitchen. I swear (thanks to Nana and Grandad) I've heard the 'Farmer Tad' music enough times to go batty but hey, the sacrifices we make as parents. When were in the kitchen the twins will replay the button on the 'Fridge Farm' in order to accompany their dance moves. This past month though, their dance moves have advanced from individual performers to partners. Carissa will say, 'hold my hands', 'dance with me' and will hold out her hands until Caleb gives in. I have tried to capture this partnering on video before but when they see me with the video camera they freeze frame and say "cheese". But now...for your viewing pleasure, I finally caught them in action and can share the cuteness with you. After I recorded them on camera they watched their playback about 20 times - not kidding, my children like repetition.



  1. Too Cute! Love the song! That's one I could hear over and over and over again! I love that there such good friends.

  2. Oh, my gosh! Too cute! I'm so glad you got it on my video. The giggling is precious.
    I need to call you! When I get back from Jackson Hole next week, I'll give you a call. Love ya - Kim

  3. They have really gotten their moves down since I was there! They are too cute!

  4. Nice dance moves! I love Caleb's stomping! And Carissa's giggle ... SUPER CUTE!