Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rock Island Trail

This weekend we took a family walk on the Rock Island Trail. Thanks to my good friend Stacy, who took me on the trial first, it is one of my favorite trails in COS. The trail follows the old Rock Island railroad spur and the concrete surface is great for strollers and biking. Jeff and I enjoyed the beautiful view of Pikes Peak while the tots enjoyed being carried in the hiking backpacks, pointing at wild flowers and horses (with lots of horsey sounds). At the end of the trail we let the kiddos walk and explore the surrounding area. They had a great time!

Caleb & Carissa - 21 months old

Caleb has a unique swagger. All Boy.Carissa - All Girl.Leap Frog anyone?Exploring nature


  1. I'm still in shock that they're 21 months old! When did that happen????? They were just babies a few months ago!!!

  2. Okay, they are SO stinking cute!!! They just look like they are the best of friends! I REALLY want them to be able to play with Gracie someday soon. They would have a ball together!! I miss you!

  3. I love it, they are too cute. Are they just the best of friends. Anthony wants us to have twins next one boy one girl. cause you kids are just too cute!